“File Under Uneasy Listening”, Album, 2006

My first ever Johnny Cashpoint ‘album’ – a collection of Songfight and AAD songs that have a punky twist. ¬†Recorded in London (and elsewhere) in 2005/2006.

Featuring contributions from Marcus Kellis & Andy Balham, though I can’t quite remember all of them. Hey. it’s a long time gone and ‘Nostagia springs its trap’,indeed ūüėČ


Side One

  1. Get Me Back (1.30)
  2. Attack of the Show (2.49)
  3. Pieces of Eight (3.16) ft. Marcus Kellis
  4. Oversleeping (1.54)
  5. Leaf Blower (3.20)
  6. Silent Decree (4.30)

Side Two

  1. Crack in my Heart (1.48)
  2. The Fuck Song (3.19)
  3. Welcome to the Seventies (3.35)
  4. Evan is Getting his Teeth  (2.31)
  5. We Have the Technology (3.00) ft. Andy Balham
  6. … Vishnu Cycle (4.04)

All songs (c) j$


“Nothing’s Funny Under a Tory Government”, Album (2016)

By Johnny Cashpoint.

Some songs have swears, so NSFW. c. 25 mins of your time.


Side One

1.Skynetflix (2.05)
2.Taking a Fence (1.33)
3.Hipster Corpse Trampoline (2.37)
4.The Pig Society (1.34)
5.Psychedelia Smith (2.02)
6.Shakespeare Had a Cat (2.43)

Side Two

1.Better In Than Out (1.38)
2.What Colour Is Your Poo? (1.32)
3.A Right Pain in the Neck (1.33)
4.Weekend at Bernie Sanders’ (2.14)
5. I Hate My Boss (2.14)
6.The Death of the Circumflex (2.43)

Written and recorded in London, February 2016.  All songs (c) J$.

Gift of Music 2015-2016

Songfighters record covers in secret of songs requested by fellow ‘fighters. ¬†All are¬†then¬†posted for general listening pleasure.

Jerkatorium covers ‘Hey Housebrick’ by Hot Club de Paris for Glennny

Paco Del Stinko covers ‘Down on the Corner’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival for j$

Glennny covers ‘Sundown’ by Gordon Lightfoot for Heuristics Inc

Schlimminy Cricket covers ‘Duel’ by Swervedriver for Inevitable Guy

Albatross covers ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ by Johnny Cash for Niveous

Heuristics Inc covers ‘Looking for a City’ by James Canupp for User

Sockpuppet covers ‘Sing it Out’ by Guided by Voices for Jerkatorium

Johnny Cashpoint covers ‘Add It Up’ by Violet Femmes for Sockpuppet

“Gay to Z”, Album (2013)

by Johnny Cashpoint.


Side One
1. A is for Anti-Anal
2. B is for Balloon Animals
3. C is for Creampie
4. D is for Dog, Returning to its Own Vomit
5. E is Equality
6. F is for Fetish
7. G is for Ghettos
8. H is for Hummus
9. I is for Invert on the Internet
10. J is for Jockstraps
11. K is for K
12. L is for Lesbians with Short Hair
13. M is for Mondegreens

Side Two
1. N is for No Strings
2. O is for Orgies
3. P is for Positive
4. Q is for Queer
5. R is for Robots
6. S is for Straight-Acting
7. T is for The Only Top in Town
8. U is for Unusual
9. V is for Virgins
10. W is for Watersports
11. X is for X-Rated
12. Y is for Young’Uns (Parts 1-3)
13. Z is for Zeitgeist

Recorded July / August 2013 in Oxford and London.

“The Old Third Division”, Album-in-a-Day (2014)

by Johnny Cashpoint


1. Been Away / Back Now (2.25)
2. I Know I’m Weird (1.38)
3. Stupid F*cker (2.29)
4. Farewell, and Don’t Fare Well (1.28)
5. R(a)P (2.11)
6. Depressing Relationship Song (1.13)
7. A Short Outburst of Righteous but Unfocused Anger (0.50)
8. Two Million Heads (1.42)

9. Arse, Mate (1.43)
10. My Sister Married an Undertone (2.37)
12. Can We Have A Quick Word About My Body Dysmorphia? (0.59)
13. Goodbye, BBC3 (1.50)
14. Life at 28.8 kps (2.37)
15. The Tragic Truth of Charlie Buchannan (0.06)
16. David Bowie vs. Scottish Independence (2.22)

Wizard’s Sleeve Notes: recorded August 25th / 26th 2014. Some songs full o’ NSFW. 27 minutes and 42 seconds of your time.

“I’ve Had More Exciting Sundays”, Album-in-a-Day (2015)

by Johnny Cashpoint
1.French Toast (2.45)
2. Six Monsters (2.05)
3.New Pop Kultur -Thing (1.40)
4.Gay Bar on the Death Star (1.57)
5.L.I.P. (2.13)
6.Congratulations on your Engagement (0.46)
7.The Devil Steps Out (2.09)
Wizard’s Sleeve Notes: An Album-in-a-Day recorded on Sunday 22nd February, 2015. Total writing & recording time Рjust under 12 hours. Mixed and mastered 23rd/24th February. 25 minutes and 42 seconds of your time.