Gift of Music 2016/2017

Musicians from cover each other’s favourite songs –

Fluffy covers The Magnetic Fields’ ‘I Don’t Believe You’ for Glennny

Heuristics Inc covers The Knickerbockers’ ‘Lies’ for Potato Dentata

Johnny Cashpoint covers The Dead Milkmen’s ‘The Thing that Only Eats Hippies’ for Albatross

Jerkatorium cover The Sweet’s ‘Fox on the Run’ for Paco Del Stinko

Potato Dentata covers Guided by Voices’ ‘Quality of Armor’ for Jerkatorium

Micah Sommersmith covers John Grant’s ‘GMF‘ for Johnny Cashpoint

The Bewells cover The Zombies’ ‘She’s Not There’ for Heuristics Inc.

Paco Del Stinko coversĀ Katamari Damacy OST, “Lonely Rolling Star” for Fluffy

Albatross covers Leonard Cohen’s ‘Lover, Lover, Lover’ for Micah Sommersmith

Glennny & Annabella cover Country Roads by John Denver for the BeWells

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