“Could’a Been an Outsider”, Album (2012)

The Best of the Tiny Paws of Fury.  Recorded in London 2004-2005.  All songs written, performed and (c) j$.

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Side One

1. My Tiny Tricycle
2. Daddy Doesn’t Love You Anymore
3. Catholic Choirboy in Trouble
4. Mummy, Why Are You Crying?
5. What’s So Bad about Cancer?
6. I am a Cannibal
7. I Need a Crap
8. (Don’t Want to See You) Naked
9. The One
10. Sex Party at the Mortuary

Side Two

11. Let’s Destroy Music (Part 3)
12. Tyler Crotty for President
13. 912
14. Last Men on the Moon
15. Porn of the Dead
16. The Tiny Paws of Fury Write a Love Song
17. Screaming Basement
18. Lesbian Car (edit)
19. The 2005 Sci-Fi Olympics (Part 1)
20. Whatever Happened to the Almanac Killer?

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